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Which MA or CT Fuel Payment Plan Is Right for You?

- 12:48 pm - July 28th, 2021

Which Fuel Payment Plan Is Right for You?

Weather can be erratic in New England! In Massachusetts and Connecticut, the summers get sweltering hot, and the winters are icy cold. One thing that all New Englanders are familiar with are high heating bills in the winter. It’s no lie—we all hate how costly and unpredictable heating bills can be. At Noonan Energy, we want to give you a break when it comes to your home comfort budget. If you’re overpaying thousands of dollars over the winter just to keep toasty warm and comfortable, keep reading.

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Payment Plan Options

At Noonan, our Pre-Pay, Fixed Price Budget Pre-Pay, 12-Month Budget Plan, and 10-Month Budget Plan are available at no extra charge to our regular customers. On top of that, we offer additional Downside Protection for Pre-Pay and Fixed Price customers.

 Pre-Pay Plan: With our Pre-Pay Plan, you purchase fuel in advance of the heating season at a fixed price, which could be the lowest of the season. The benefit of this plan is that your fixed price never varies! You contract and pay in advance for a set number of gallons for the entire season. You can forget about getting big bills, because there's no reason to worry or even think about heating costs for another year.

 Fixed Price Budget Pre-Pay Plan: If you don’t want to pay everything up front but you do want to lock in your rate, you can go with this budget plan. With the Fixed Price Budget Pre-Pay Plan, you purchase your set number of gallons at a fixed price, and you pay for them over five monthly installments.

 12-Month Budget Plan: If you would rather spread your payments out over the year for an ultra-low monthly cost, you can go with our 12-Month Budget Plan. This plan equalizes your cost for the heating season over a 12-month period. We estimate your total annual heating bill and divide your payments up equally over the course of the year. With this plan, you get a steady predictable bill every month, but it is not a fixed-price plan.

 10-Month Budget Plan: This plan takes your anticipated yearly fuel costs and divides them into 10 equal monthly payments. If you don’t want to pay over 12 months and would prefer to do 10, this is a great option for you. We estimate your annual oil use and divide it into 10 payments, starting in either July or August. You get predictable payments every month, but it is not a fixed-price plan. 

Get Comfortable This Year

All of these plans come with plenty of perks! We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect plan for your family and your home comfort budget. Your comfort and security are our priority. When you’re ready to get on a payment plan, simply give us a call.


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