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Make Sure Your Well Water Stays Crisp and Clear with Noonan’s Water Testing

- 10:08 am - May 16th, 2016

Does that glass of water you’re holding look a little cloudy? Have you noticed when you wash your hands that the soap is well, lackluster in lather? It may be time to have your well water tested.

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Testing your well water can help keep you and your family safe from issues such as abnormal pH levels, high manganese or high iron levels. The test can also diagnose if you have soft or hard water.

“Many of the issues people encounter with their water are easily remedied. In many cases, we simply install a water softener or filtration system, although there are other solutions we can provide as well,” says President of Noonan Energy Ted Noonan. “The test can also be especially helpful to new home owners.”

A few other red flags to look for include:

  • Staining of water fixtures and drains
  • Corrosion or scaling of plumbing fixtures
  • Cloudy water
  • Soap not lathering (sign of hard water)
  • Hair feels greasy (sign of soft water) or stiff (sign of hard water) after washing
  • Unusually dry skin after showering
  • Unpleasant smell or taste

 The water test is $75.00 for Noonan to administer. However, that fee is waived if the customer decides to go ahead with a system installation.

 In addition to being your reliable, full-service heating and cooling company, Noonan Energy’s new water testing service expands upon their plumbing division which already includes same-day emergency service, scheduled consultations and inspections. Call 800-343-8829 to schedule your water testing today.


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