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Keep Your Air Conditioning Costs Down This Summer

- 10:16 am - July 25th, 2016


With temperatures continuing to rise during these hot summer months, many of us have already turned our air conditioners on full blast. Don’t let your electric bill become an unwanted surprise this summer.

Noonan Energy offers residents of the Pioneer Valley a few tips to stay cool and comfortable without paying a hefty price.

  1. When you are not home, simply try setting back your thermostat. To save a few more dollars on your bill, let the temperature rise when you are sleeping and use fans to circulate the air.
  2. Don’t forget to regularly clean your air conditioner’s air filter. This is just as important as replacing the filter on your furnace during the winter months and can keep your cooling unit running economically.
  3. Replace oven and stovetop meals with non-cook meals or prepare food that is cooked on the grill – using the oven can significantly increase the temperature in a home. Additionally, close your drapes and blinds and try planting some leafy trees around the home to block sunlight.
  4. If you have a fan switch (automatic or manual) try running the fan speed on manual. This will keep the fan on constantly and allow the air conditioning unit to cycle on and off as needed. This constant air movement will help to eliminate hot spots within the home.
  5. Like any system, it is important to perform regular maintenance to sustain efficiency. Noonan Energy can maintain your comfort year-round and offers cooling system tune-ups that can keep your air conditioning system running at its best this summer.

 Try some of these tips to keep your family comfortable this summer without the added costs on your energy bill. If you are in need of a cooling system tune-up call 800-343-8829 or visit,


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