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Save Money with New Heating Equipment

- 1:49 pm - October 19th, 2017

McSweeney_-_2015_after_System_2000x246w.jpgIt finally feels like fall, and colder weather will be here to stay before we know it. When you turn to your home heating system for warmth during the chilly months ahead, be sure you can rely on it to function safely and efficiently.

Think about your current heating equipment. Did it operate last winter without any trouble? How many repairs has it needed over the last few years? Are you going through more oil each year to achieve the same level of comfort inside your home?

This year, instead of lowering your thermostat to save on heating bills, upgrade to energy-efficient equipment. You’ll save money this winter and for years to come!

Higher Efficiency, Less Fuel

New oil heat equipment can run as much as 30% more efficient than the system you currently have in your home. This means you’ll be burning less fuel to reach your preferred indoor temperature. Choose a boiler or furnace with an ENERGY STAR® rating for maximum savings and comfort.

Fewer Service Calls

An annual tune-up is the only heat-related service appointment most of us plan to schedule each year. However, a breakdown can happen at any time and is, of course, much more common with older equipment. Having a new boiler or furnace in place before the start of winter will save you the expense and hassle of unexpected maintenance calls throughout the heating season.

Parts Built to Last

At the time of your last service visit, a technician may have suggested you replace a component or two of your heating system. If your equipment is older, chances are this has been the conversation during each service visit for several years. As more and more parts fail and need replacement, the costs add up. With an updated system, components are not only brand new; they’re build stronger to last longer than equipment manufactured 15 years ago.

Special Discounts & Incentives

You may be surprised to see how many statewide, nationwide, and dealer-offered rebates and financing programs are available for homeowners installing new, high-efficiency heating systems. Programs like Mass Save® make it easier than ever to pay less for energy-efficient boilers or furnaces. Take a look at the rebate options Mass Save offers, and find out if there are any other specials currently available for your upgrade!

Make sure your oil heat equipment is prepared to keep your home and family warm through whatever this winter brings. Get started by requesting a free quote on your installation today!


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